The Wild Side Series

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The Wolf Within

The Wolf within

Book 1 – The Wolf Within

Vampires, werewolves, warring couples. And that’s just the day job. Ashley Keenan is a normal girl in a world that’s left normal behind. She just wants to keep her head down and try to have a life. But she hadn’t counted on the reappearance of Daniel Gibson, ex-lover, now a werewolf and the man she’s never quite forgotten, even if she can’t bring herself to date a supernatural. Worse, he’s back because the vampire who killed her parents just might be coming after her. It’s a fight to guard her heart and her life and sometimes to survive you have to learn to love your inner monster…

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The Dark Side

The Dark Side

Book 2 – The Dark Side

Monsters used to be just her day job. Now they’re her life.

Newly minted werewolf, Ashley Keenan, thought she’d faced her past when she got her revenge on McCallister Tate, the vampire who killed her family. She wants to build a future with her fiancé, FBI agent and fellow werewolf, Daniel Gibson, but it seems the past isn’t done with her yet. For one thing, she still owes a debt to the vampire who controls Seattle, a fact that doesn’t sit well with Dan. And for another, she knows that McCallister Tate didn’t work alone … and his friends are still out there.

When a vicious attack on the anniversary of her parent’s death leaves her best friend infected with an aggressive new strain of vampirism, Ash is sucked into the fight to save her and to stop a plague of vampires overrunning humanity. It’s a fight that quickly turns deadly when the ones controlling the new vampires decide that Ashley’s family secrets might hold the key to their success—and that the only way to get to those secrets is through Ash herself. To save herself, her friend, and maybe even the world, Ash has to embrace her werewolf abilities, call on some dangerous allies, and take a walk on the dark side …

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Book 3 – Bring On The Night

How far do you go to stop a monster hell bent on destroying humanity?

Before Ashley Keenan became a werewolf she thought she knew where the line between good and evil was drawn. When she was simply human, it was the vamps and shifters playing by their own lethal rules who were to be feared.

Now she must stop an ordinary man from creating a plague of vampires. The same man whose terrifying games led to her family being murdered and to her own unwilling transformation into a supernatural. And Dr. Smith is not done with her yet. With the FBI’s hunt for Smith stalled, Ash knows doing things by the book with her werewolf fiancé, Agent Daniel Gibson, might not be enough to stop Smith unleashing destruction.

The alternative is going behind Dan’s back and turning to the supernaturals for help. And if she does things their way, then that line between good and evil will be well and truly crossed.

She might save the world but it might cost her everything she loves…

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Short stories


The Day You Went Away

The Day You Went Away

The Day You Went Away

A free prequel short story about what happened to Ashley and Dan the first time around

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