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She killed a demon…now what?
Book 2 in the TechWitch series

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Featuring a brand new Four Arts novella
Courting The Witch

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She’s been offered a crown but taking it could cost her everything…

M.J. standing in front of a pink wall. She is smiling, her hair is short and wavy and she's wearing tortoiseshell chunky glasses anda  navy shirt with pink cartoon robins


Story is my happy place. I grew up reading all the books I could get my hands on and at some point, my brain decided that maybe making them up would be fun too. It was right. I’ve dabbled in a few genres but it turns out fantasy and urban fantasy are where my heart lies. I love writing books about strong heroines who discover their powers, their path, and their person (yep, there’s kissing). So if magic, adventure, and a happy ever after are your thing, you’re in the right place.

I write as M.J. but most people call me Mel. My latest release is Wicked Words, book 2 in my Techwitch series, which came out in January. I’m currently writing Bring On The Night, book 3 in my Wild Side series and playing with a new secret fantasy series. After that, I’ll be writing book 3 of the TechWitch series. If you want the inside scoop, sign up for my newsletter below. 

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