Once upon a time, a tiny bookworm was born in Melbourne, Australia…

I grew up in various green and grassy parts of Victoria but then moved back to Melbourne for uni and have stuck there ever since, apart from a brief sojourn in London. I spent many childhood summers on an island beach, watched too many fantasy films from a young age, and have a penchant for singing badly in cars and playing songs I love on repeat. To keep things short: I’m a lover of books, cats (the current feline overlord is a torti girl), painting, photography, yarn, music, chocolate, margaritas, Netflix binges, and having fun with the imaginary people who run around in my head.

The writing stuff

My two great reading loves have always been fantasy and romance. I grew up reading Tolkien alongside L.M. Montgomery and Susan Cooper, Diana Wynne Jones and David Eddings mixed with Heyer, Austen and all the Harlequin and Loveswept books I could find. So I guess it’s inevitable that I wound up writing books that incorporate both genres. These days, my focus is on my M.J. Scott books where I write fantasy and urban fantasy about strong women finding their powers, their paths, their pack, and their person (yes, there’s kissing stuff in my books). If you want to escape into worlds with magic, adventure, and romance, where good wins in the end, here’s where to find out more.

The evil triplets (as I like to call them)

I’ve had a couple of writing names over the years. I’ve written some romance books. As Emma Douglas I wrote small-town romance (more about Emma’s books). As Melanie Scott I wrote sports romance (more about Melanie’s books). In 2024 I’ve re-released new editions of the romances all as Melanie books.

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