A woman standing in an alley. she's wearing a black leather jacket, white t-shirt and black jeans and holding a sword and a glowing orb of magic. Behind her is golden glowing circuits. Title is Wicked Deeds.

April 15 2025 – Pre-order now

My mother was a wicked witch. She sold my magic to a demon. I thought that that was the worst that my past had to offer. Turns out, I might be wrong about that…


Patience, grasshopper…all will be revealed

Magic just keeps getting more complicated, fight for justice, continuing relationship, found family

Magic, demons, kidnapping, blood, past loss of parent, past loss of grandparents, 

You’ll get this closer to pub date!

Series: TechWitch Book 6

Next book in series: TBA

Publisher: emscott enterprises

Publication date: Coming 2025

ISBN eBook: 9781923157248

ISBN Paperback: TBA

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