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A free short story prequel to The Wild Side series. If you don’t want to know the backstory before you begin the books, start with The Wolf Within.

Ashley Keenan thought she’d found the one in Daniel Gibson. That they were going to be in love for a lifetime. But it only takes a moment to change forever…a moment and a werewolf.

Relationship breakdown, can’t be a second chance without a first chance, what came before

This is my darkest urban fantasy series. Car accident, werewolf, break up of a relationship (this series has a HEA but it’s a seoncd chance romance and this short story is how they broke up),

Series: The Wild Side (Prequel short story)

Publisher: emscott

Publication date: 2 November 2014

ISBN eBook: 9780451464583

Also available as an AI narrated audiobook on some stores (see buy links). Not all retailers take AI audiobooks right now. But Google and Kobo have free apps.

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