Cover of Bring On The Night by M.J. Scott

Hunting traitors is easier than facing the man she never meant to love…

 In the wake of treachery and broken bonds, Chloe de Roche has fled Illvya and a marriage that was never supposed to be real, to hunt the rebel mages trying to topple the empire. Bringing them to justice is the only way to clear her name and salvage something of the life she’s been fighting for. But leaving Lucien behind might be even harder than finding the truth about the treachery buried in the heart of the empire…

Faced with Chloe’s desertion, magic that undermines his ability to know the truth, and a threat to the emperor he is sworn to serve, Lucien de Roche is reeling. But even though his hopes that Chloe might grow to love him have been shattered, he can’t turn his back on his wife. Bound by vows and honor, he has no choice but to follow her, even if she might break his heart…

Defeating those who seek to tear their world apart will not only take all their powers but an admission that they are stronger together than apart. But are they willing to risk their lives—and their hearts—to save an empire?

The Rebel’s Prize is the third and final book in the Daughter of Ravens series, a romantic historical fantasy series from set in the same world as the Four Arts series. This series has old friends turned enemies (and then enemies to lovers), a heroine looking for a second chance, a smitten hero, political intrigue, royal witches, inconvenient marriages, sexy times and more. Enjoy!

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Temporary marriage

Marriage in trouble

Denying all the feels

When the past just won’t let go

Treason, marriage in trouble, execution (off screen), imprisonment, death of spouse (historic), death of parent (historic)

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Series: Daughter of Ravens (book 3)

Next book in series: This is the final book

Publisher: emscott enterprises

Publication date: 17 October 2023

ISBN ebook: 9780645556728

ISBN paperback: TBA