Where can I find your books?

I’m a wide author so you can buy my ebooks on all the usual ebook sites. I also have my own ebook store.  My books are all in paperback, too, so you can find them online in bookstores or ask your bookstore to order a copy. You can also borrow my books from libraries. If you can’t find them in your local libraries ebook catalogue then you can always request your library to buy them. You can find a downloadable, printable list of all the information bookstores and libraries need to order like the ISBNs here.

I’m not in Kindle Unlimited but my books are in KOBO Plus.


It’s another subscription service similar to Kindle Unlimited that has THOUSANDS of romance books in both ebook and audio format and is available to customers in the US, AU, CA, UK, IT, NZ, BE, and NL. That subscription service is through Kobo, and your first month is FREE!

Have you seen a post on social media? An ad on Facebook referencing a book you really want to read, only to find out it isn’t in KU? Well, it could be on Kobo Plus – and the borrowing format is the same as Kindle Unlimited.

What is Kobo? An app you can download you to your phone or tablet, like you’ve downloaded the Kindle App to your phone or tablet. They also have a branded e-reader like the Kindle. You must have the app or the e-reader to get your free month of Kobo Plus – and to continue with the program, if you so choose.

Are KU books in Kobo Plus? No. Just like Kobo Plus books aren’t in KU. This is a different subscription program.

How Much is Kobo Plus? Your first month is free if you’re a new member. Following that month, you pay monthly and currently (as at October 2023, the price is less per month than KU). You can have an e-book only subscription, an audiobook only subscription or one that lets you access both.

Don’t miss out on thousands of ebooks and audio that you might not get to read because they aren’t in Kindle Unlimited. Fall in love with an authors book? Chances are the rest them are in Kobo Plus and you can fly through their twenty book backlist in the month for one low price.

Find out more on Kobo’s website (there are a bunch of FAQs at the bottom of the page linked here).


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