What books are set in the Four Arts world?

The Four Arts world started out as a trilogy but is growing. The first three books are the Four Arts Trilogy (The Shattered Court, The Forbidden Heir, The Unbound Queen), featuring Sophie and Cameron Mackenzie. In those books you meet both Imogene du Laq and Chloe de Montesse as minor characters.

I told the story of Imogene meeting her husband, in Courting the Witch, a novella set about ten years prior to the start of The Shattered Court. Chloe appears in the novella too.

The next Four Arts world books are part of the Daughter of Ravens Trilogy. Book 1 is The Exile’s Curse, which picks up Chloe’s story after the end of The Unbound Queen. It takes us to new parts of the empire and a new adventure. While having read the Four Arts trilogy and the novella might make reading The Exile’s Curse more fun, it’s not necessary to understand what’s going on. Book 2 is The Traitor’s Game and Book 3 is The Rebel’s Prize.

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