It’s March. Which means it’s autumn. Unfortunately, Melbourne is denying this fact and having a heatwave. Which isn’t conducive to much of anything except staying indoors with the aircon on and wilting. Still, I have girded my loins and am plugging away on Fire Kin while the days until Iron Kin is out fly by.  You can read Chapter One here. Chapter Two will be up in a week or so. If you can’t wait until April 2, I’m giving away two ARCs on my blog right now. Last weekend I was up in Brisbane for the Australian Romance Readers Convention where Blood Kin came runner up in the Best Cover category of the award, so thank you to everyone who voted on behalf of the brilliant Roc art department. Brisbane wasn’t quite as hot but it was wet and ridiculously humid just to join in the fun. Australian weather. Not for the faint hearted. We’ve even started having tornadoes (do not want).  Brisbane was the last bit of gallivanting for a few months. Many books to write and all that. So I am being a good writer and making like a hermit apart from the inevitable socialising on the internet.

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