It’s a hot and sunny New Year’s Day here in Melbourne (and was a fairly hot New Year’s Eve). Hope you partied well last night, in whatever form you prefer…me, it was old movies and pizza due to the still-healing ankle. In other news, I have seen a hopefully-close-to-final version of the Blood Kin cover so should be able to share that with you all shortly. Hard to believe it’s only five and a bit months until it hits the shelves. Anyway, wishing you all a wonderful, awesome, and amazing 2012. Go for your dreams, laugh, do silly things, and read some good books!

Don’t forget Shadow Kin is now available right there on the shelves (real or digital) from many places. Buy links available on my books page. More to be added as I find ’em. If you stick around here you can learn a little about me and my books, and check out some of my favorite writers and writing links. For even more about me check out the FAQs.

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